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Hi, i made this balcony with pressure treated Douglas. The rods and screws i used are stainless steel. The rods are fixed in the wall with ...【Get Price】

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When compared to installing a few posts and foundations, there is little return for the cost and labor associated with a retro-fitted balcony deck. If considering this ...【Get Price】

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Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of a wood deck are necessary to keep it safe, functional, and looking good. If you're lucky enough ...【Get Price】

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There are two possible ways of supporting the two corners of the balcony adjacent to the building: You can install a conventional deck ledger ...【Get Price】

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2nd Story Balcony Repair And Waterproofing In San Diego - In this video you will a complete balcony re-sheet and installation of waterproofing ...【Get Price】

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A timber deck is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to expand or create,lifespan but timber deteriorates over time, making replacement inevitable.【Get Price】

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A client recently asked if I would replace her badly worn-out roof deck.,apartment buildings have roof-top decks, patios and balconies instead of backyards or ...【Get Price】

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An old deck with a sound structure doesn't have to be torn down. You can remove the worn out decking and railing, and then replace it with new, ...【Get Price】

Homeowner? How Often Should Your Deck or Balcony Be Inspected

A deck or balcony membrane is a waterproof layer installed to protect the,Shrinkage of the building frame can also cause the balcony slope to change, and ...【Get Price】

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Bug Central repairs a second story balcony deck. Rusted post bases have let moister penetrate the deck surface and damage the plywood ...【Get Price】

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I have a cantilevered balcony deck that is in need of repair and replacing decking from rot. The deck is approximately 4' x 14' on a house that I ...【Get Price】

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Building a porch or deck takes a decent amount of carpentry skills as well as knowledge of power tool use. For those unfamiliar with construction, it might be best ...【Get Price】

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routine maintenance, inspection and repair by qualified contractors and,A deck or balcony membrane is a waterproof layer installed to protect the underlying.【Get Price】

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You can't beat anything quite like a well-planned balcony. It's your little slice of heaven. Many homeowners like them because balconies provide a touch rarely ...【Get Price】

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Architects, designers and construction professionals often ask us our thoughts on installing hardwood decking on rooftop decks and other ...【Get Price】

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Building your composite deck from scratch might seem a quite demanding task to execute, but with this easy-to-follow installation guide you will ...【Get Price】

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CCS are deck repair and balcony maintenance contractors and have installed decks, balconies, patios and exterior walkways in Glendora, California.【Get Price】